Case Study: Green View Technologies, Inc. - "Closing the loop in oil recycling"

Today when you turn on the news, you see repeating topics relative to our current economy and the businesses within it. Pollution and the environment, access to oil, and renewable energy are repeating themes. Many businesses continue to amplify these issues, but there are some that have decided to look to the future and have built success by creating solutions.

A perfect example of a business looking to solve problems is Green View Technologies, Inc. Their operations help solve issues, rather than creating more by providing an industry-leading approach to recycling used oil.

Green View Technologies, established in 2009 (after years of planning) in Rollinsford NH, is a leader in the market for used oil recycling, and the first and only of their kind in the Northeast. Normally, used oil is burned in furnaces for its heat-energy potential. This method is not the best reuse for the material as it frequently puts unhealthy heavy metals into the atmosphere. GVT takes in used oil from fleet maintenance facilities (trucking and busing, auto dealers and shops, and some industrial facilities and processes it in large silo-like tanks and filtering apparatus to clean the dirt and grime, making it reusable for lubricating purposes. The resulting product is sold to compound lubrication oil blenders and distributors. It is comparable or better than virgin oil products and costs considerably less.

This process is actually more efficient than converting regular crude oil. As mentioned on their website, Green View's process creates an equal amount of usable lubricating oil from 1 gallon of recycled oil as 42 gallons of crude oil in the traditional process.

In 2010, SEDC provided $2,000,000 for equipment, construction and working capital. This partnership leveraged in millions more from a bank, enabling the project to happen after years without success lining up financing.

Innovative businesses like Green View are the types of companies that are going to help lead our economy into a more sustainable era; accomplishing several benefits (job creation, support of the local economy, recycling and conservation, environmental protection) while still turning a profit. Overall, this supports a more stable world and a stronger country.

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